Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Trial Period for the Software?

Currently, there is no trial period for the software since setup and integration is front-loaded. Potential users may have a 1:1 in-person, online consultation with the distinguished trader Steven B. Hawkins. You can reach out via the contact form and after filling the form out users are prompted to schedule a suitable time. We encourage users to take full advantage of the consultation opportunity.

What is Capflow32?

Capital Flow 32 is a data organization/signal generating tool which commenced development in 1998 and was completed in 2002. Capflow32 utilizes the Market Profile™ as the input medium and allows the user to “dial in” the parameters for the patented algorithm to create a database which is representative of the timeframe the trader wants to trade.

What is Market Profile™?

Market Profile™, a hybrid of the statistical bell curve, is a form of technical analysis that was jointly developed by renowned trader, software developer and author J. Peter Steidlmayer and the Chicago Board of Trade. Over the years this unique tool has helped traders gain unparalleled understanding of markets, as well as find profitable trading opportunities. Simple in concept yet complex in detail, Market Profile™ organizes a number of elements into a rapidly understood graphic form – revealing trading opportunities other methodologies miss. Learn more about Market Profile™

Where can I learn more about Capflow32 & Market Profile™?

Steidlmayer on Markets, Trading with Market Profile™ by J. Peter Steidlmayer & Steven B. Hawkins is regarded as the best Market Profile™ book on the Market. Additionally, a lecture series by J. Peter Steidlmayer is being released to the public that was originally for instituions & hedge funds. If you are interested in the lecture series, please reach out through the contact form.

How do you make money with Market Profile™ & Capflow32?

This question references market structure and skew distributions. If you visualize a skew we would call it a “3-2-1” up" pattern. If the “1” is where the preponderance for the letters are then we would say a “3-2-1 up” would look like an upper case “P”. Learn how to make money with Market Profile™ & Capflow32 and leverage the methodical trading strategies.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds due to up-front time, data integration, and setup costs. You will be taught methodologies and trading frameworks used by real trading professionals accross the industry. The time spent to set you up and teach you institutional level trading will be yours forever. Recieve a free 1:1 in-person, online demo to see how you can benefit from Capflow32 today.