Capflow32 Software Features

Volume Visualization

Visualize and observe ‘value areas’ with distributions from statistics. Identify point-of-controls (PoCs) and understand when we are breaking out vs breaking down.

Pg2 Mark Indicator

Proprietary pg2 mark indicator identifies an area of balance and the opportunity for a vertical move. Profit and capture moves with a high degree of certainty.

High Volume Indicator

Proprietary high-volume indicator shows the last 4 highest volume periods over the recent sampling. Providing objectives to trade against and with.

F10 Screens

F10 screens refers to a proprietary intermediate/long-term ’trend’ view of the market. Highlighting areas of minus development.

Capital Flow

Proprietary indicator to indentify overall capital in-flows and out-flows in a particular equity. Learn to spot if money is coming in or out of your underlying.

Data Segmentation

Few market software can say they can organize market data & segment it to properly. Learn to use the one and only Capflow32™ & quantify markets.

The most advanced, statistically-driven, and methodical trading system

Capital Flow 32 is a data organization/signal generating tool which commenced development in 1998 and was completed in 2002. As with Capital Flow 3.8x price data is inputted into the system and segmented via proprietary algorithms to create a unique database. Additional information has been coded into the software to generate a directional bias for the contracts monitored based upon user input.
Volume studies can then overlay the volume database to generate trade signals. The utility and functionality of this program goes far beyond a database, volume triggers and a directional bias. From opening up contracts in Longevity dates mode which gives a perspective of duration or trend, to systems creation and the interface to Trading Technologies order routing front end, this program offers a turn key solution to trading.

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Learn to become profitable trader with a trading platform and system that uses an objective framework

Master the market with a methodology and system. Learn to organize market data through time with Market Profile™ principals and structure. See how Capflow32 can help you profit from market moves and tradeable opportunities with an in-person, online consultation today.

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Learn to build a time forward platform to objectively trade from

Track market activity and build a time forward platform where trading decisions can be made from. The Stanza is a proprietary feature to the software that when used properly can allow you to catch short and long term trades. Learn to use differentials and build a ‘black box’ trading system.

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Live Case Study: Negative Trader Turning Positive?

Capflow32 has been around for decades and to seasoned professionals it is instrumental. For the public, it may not be clear. Follow the epic journey of a hemorrhaging semi-conductor trader attemping to make the turn and finally become a consistent and profitable trader. Track along and see how you can use Capflow32 to help you generate consistent profits from the market. But remember we trade opportunities not markets!

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